Live The Design Process

Living Design Process (LDP) is a practical design process philosophy. It can be used to guide the design, development and retrofit of anything – at any scale and at any stage of prior development.

Inspired by the work of radical architect Christopher Alexander, LDP has been developed and is being practiced daily by a group of collaborators in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

LDP is unconventional.

For one thing, it prioritises and reliably creates beautiful things, spaces, and places brimming with life, functioning and flowing as harmonious wholes.

For another, you cannot hire an expert to do LDP for you. You can engage a process mentor or guide to show you the ropes, but it cannot work unless you yourself are committed to being fully and proactively involved in the process.

If you are open to what might just become the learning journey of a lifetime, where you are integrally involved in shaping what happens, where the process changes you as much as anything else, where the most beautiful solutions arise from the most unexpected places, and where there is intentionally no masterplan, then you just might find something here that resonates.